Our Soul Mandala has been designed taking inspiration from the ancient Sanskrit Mandala. On her transformational journey, our founder Angelee came across the Mandala. It originates from Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, and in Sanskrit translates to circle. The circular design symbolises the idea that everything is connected. The idea that if you stand in the middle of your Mandala, the centre of who you are, then everything is available to you.

A philosophy that shaped a change in thinking, to create the Soul Studio Events.

The Soul Mandala, was created using the circular notion of the Mandala. However, with our stamp of soul. The geometric, forward thinking, connected, evolving, dynamic Soul Mandala!

If you’re out and about and you see the Soul Mandala stop, take a breath, connect, nourish and carry on flowing!


Soul Factor

/səʊl ˈfaktə/


  1. To be made with love
  2. To have Soul; that it comes from somewhere, has meaning, we can tell that story to everyone else with buzzing excitement!
  3. Enables us to connect in a meaningful way
  4. Yummy and makes you feel happy on the inside and manifests as a large cheshire cat smile on the outside!