If you have ever been to or been part of a Soul event you will know that family is everything. Raj, Mani and Angelee created a dynamic trio team, mama Soul always at the heart. Raj focuses on the events part of the business, whilst Manish look after operations. This family vibe continues to the wider team, referred to as THE SOUL FAMILY and you! ‘Our clients are our guests, its our job to make them feel special, to go the extra mile and make their vision come to life.’

Working at senior leadership level for a large food multinational Angelee felt disillusioned with how transactional food had become. Soulless in fact!

Angelee is a self proclaimed foodie, coffee lover and believes in creating ‘Soulful’ moments through food.

Coming from a bustling family restaurant Angelee certainly ‘felt it in her Soul’ and made the leap. Left her corporate job and started Soul Studio Events.

Her mission was clear: to connect people through the love of food!

‘Connection is everything and thats what we get to create everyday with Soul Studio Events’

Soul Studio Events had grown to 12 locations nationally working with global brands such as Nike HQ, Mattel and Spaces to name a few.

‘The work place market changed after the pandemic and thats when we pivoted. From roasting our own coffee, to Soulboxes to make you swoon to breaking into the tv and film industry. Winning Elstree Studios was a dream come true. We work with an incredible team, keep hard working and talented production staff nourished and we create the most creative, memorable events.