Our mission is to Nourish Your Soul!
We believe food can be the catalyst for change. How we eat effects how we think, our productivity, how we connect. We believe we can impact our customers, ourselves and the earth by starting with the food we eat.

Food and Wellbeing
We are committed to ensuring our food is made from scratch, using whole foods you can pronounce. All our recipes are bench marked against our Soul Standards on Wellbeing, Sustainability, Community and the SOUL FACTOR.

We work with only the best suppliers who care about their produce. Highest quality meat and humane welfare practices. We have many plant based dishes which gives variety and balance whilst caring for our eco system.

We actively PROMOTE the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, whilst looking after our mental health with both our CLIENT AND OUR TEAMS.

Environment and Social Responsibility
That more than 90% of our packaging is compostable, we have eliminated all single use plastic in our drinks category, We are committed to zero waste, donating any unused food to local charities we work with. We love to get involved personally with the charities we work with. We are on the way to becoming a zero waste company and a B Corp Company.

Soul Factor
To be made with soul, that it comes from somewhere, has meaning and a story that we want to shout about. That revolution comes from the desire to keep pushing the boundary of innovation, of connection and of making a difference.

We are a B-Corp pending company and we take our role very seriously!

We are B-Corp pending company.

We have created many policies and procedures based on the detailed guidelines set. We have even appointed our very own sustainability ambassador. We never pay minimum wage, but rather the living wage or above. For employees who have been with us for 2 years or more we provide private medical cover and give an additional ‘Soul Day‘, to spend time on your Soul!

We have created health and Wellness policies, along with employee development. We have a rewards and recognition programme and promote from within.

We take our part in sustainability very seriously and have even created our own line of personal use, environmentally conscience products to help people make better everyday choices that impact our planet.

We hate waste and have a strict waste management process and we love to to ensure anything not being used can be put to better use. From donating to food charities to up-cycling used coffee into amazing body scrubs!

Let’s create an amazing space, full of energy, creativity, sustainability and SOUL!