Our coffee is from Amatte Soul Coffee who work with many female based farms and those that help grow talent and support their female teams.

Partnered with Samaritan Sisters Orphanage in Eritrea.

In many coffee growing communities, access to healthcare is desperately limited. Many illnesses that would be considered preventable or treatable in the UK are, unfortunately, the cause of death for those living in coffee-growing regions.

Cervical cancer is the number one form of cancer in the developing world, with over 500,000 women dying each year. With women making up 80% of coffee harvesters, this cancer has a huge effect on the coffee industry.
To help women in these communities get the life-saving treatment that they need, Grounds For Health was established in 1996 in Latin America and Africa. The charity helps to train local doctors to screen and treat cervical cancer, as well as leading volunteer screening groups in more remote locations.

So far, Grounds For Health has screened 118,480 women and treated 9,685 women for cervical cancer.