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The Soul Studio Events is about full on flavoursome food that nourishes your Soul. Forget ‘soul-less’ canteens and bad coffee.  We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and at the Soul Studio Events we want to create a space that is the heart and SOUL of where you work.

Vibrant, yummy, feel good food and definitely good coffee!

Taking our inspiration from our founder Angelee’s family recipes and from our very own Soul Family. We focus on good ingredients and what we call the Soul Factor. Whether its Mama Soul’s Vegan Lentil Dhal or Mama Dora’s Meatballs, it has to have SOUL!

Our suppliers are our partners and whenever we can, we are always hatching plans to find ways to eat, drink and talk about it.  Don’t worry you’re invited, in fact you are guests of honours!


Our people are the Soul in Soul Studio Events. A smile served with your Soul Bowl, a chit chat over coffee. We love sharing recipe ideas and get very excited about our ‘instgrammable’ pictures on our WhatsApp photo group We are a soulful lot!


We believe what you put in, is what you get out in every aspect of your life. From relationships, business, learning, loving or food! We think this creates the ‘feel good’ factor. Our philosophy is that everything is intrinsically linked. If you have a miserable day at work, that will have an effect on you outside of work. Our mood, our well being is a collective consciousness and we take our part in your day very seriously that’s why we are the Soul Studio Events.


( n. )
To be made with love
To have Soul; that it comes from somewhere, has meaning, can we tell that story to everyone else with buzzing excitement
Does it enable us to connect on a deeper level
Is it yummy and makes you feel happy on the inside and does manifest as a large cheshire cat smile on the outside

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